The Verus Team

I Am Going to Start Investing…

By: George Shirley Opinions expressed are those of George Shirley and not necessarily those of RJFS or Raymond James

When investing and organizing your financial life is not a top priority, it can take a back seat to other things.  I have had potential clients who agree conceptually to a proposal and series of necessary steps, but when it comes time to implement tell me they are going to invest:


  1. After the holidays.
  2. After I get my taxes together.
  3. After spring break
  4. After school is out
  5. After vacation
  6. After we get back to school
  7. After Thanksgiving
  8. See #1 and repeat.

There is always a reason to wait to do something and taking some time to thoroughly understand what you are doing is definitely a prudent decision.  But continuing to defer taking action is still a decision; a decision of inaction.  Although standing pat can provide some level of comfort in the near term, if you look forward 10, 20, 30+ years from now, you would have almost certainly preferred to start investing sooner rather than later.    

On any journey, the first step is a significant one and often the hardest.  And this can be applied to all aspects of your financial life: getting adequate insurance, getting your wills in order, naming guardians for your children etc.   Your future self will thank you for making the decision to begin.